What I Do

aboutcircle-tealAs a certified executive coach I help ambitious leaders just like you, accelerate your career, create and foster high-functioning teams and get on the right career track. I’ve worked with over 300 individuals and teams since 2011, and I can equip you with practical ways to grow your career to the next level. People come to me when they’re ready to take action, unlock their purpose, and start making more money.


My clients tell me that I deliver straight-to-the-point guidance and wisdom, with a compassionate touch – just the right balance to unlock their hidden potential. I’m all about action and moving forward – I’ll help you move past analysis paralysis, design your vision, build the components, and implement all of the details. In other words, things happen when we work together. (Maybe that’s why they call me the “One Stop Shop.”)


After working with me, clients have negotiated promotions, found long-term career happiness and success, and reconnected with their innate success-drives (so they can continuously launch their careers going forward). Wherever you are in your own career, it’s likely there’s a lot I can do for you.

How I Got Here

My story may sound familiar to you – I was working in a high-paying job, but was frustrated and unhappy. Finally, I realized that job-hopping into a better opportunity still wasn’t making me feel satisfied or engaged at work.


As a leader in Human Resources and Employee Communications, I had learned the subjective insights of how leaders think and communicate, and how employees could improve their odds… or get left behind.


I sat at the table when big decisions were made – when promotions and firings were decided upon, when leaders needed coaching and guidance to transition into bigger roles, and creating and delivering content and websites to global audiences.


I felt like I had a voice at work, but I was completely checked-out when it came to my life. I hadn’t created or launched anything of real value, for me. While I was busy traveling to meetings, delivering bad news, and coaching executives, I put my own dreams in the drawer (and threw out the key).


I realized I wasn’t alone in this – many of my employees and friends started expressing their desire to create; to innovate; to add meaning in a way bigger than simply “earning a nice paycheck.”


So I took a leap; the biggest leap of my life. After 13 successful years in the corporate world, I left my established career to create my own career path – one that is aligned with my innate personality, requires creation and launching, and honors what’s important to me.


It wasn’t an easy journey – I have had many failures along the way, including having to go back to the corporate world for a brief stint to regroup. But I continued to search for my own launch formula, hone my (somewhat crazy-random) skills and found my confidence in my unique toolbox along the way.


A big part of my journey was helping others find their own path too.


I started Launch Your Job to do just that – help people just like you, put your dreams into action and taking their life and work to the next level.

How We Can Work Together to Grow Your Career

Your big idea doesn’t have to get locked away in a drawer forever. And there is a way to make your current job better, your career path your own, and be at the level you deserve.


We can work together to (finally) put your ‘aha moment’ into action – whether you’re working in a traditional corporate role, exploring how to get into the C-suite, or wanting to get to the next level.


If you want to learn more about how I can help you to accelerate your career,  improve your team, or get on the right career track, click the button below to get in touch.


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Qualifications & Certifications

  • 13+ years of executive coaching experience in various industries including Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Publishing, Finance, Technology, and more
  • MBA in HR Management and BA in Communications
  • Certified Coach (Coach Training Alliance) an ICF-accredited program
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Certified Instructor
  • Training design and instructor for various programs including Entrepreneurship Workshops, Strengths Finders 2.0, Insights, Performance Management, Leadership Development, and more