Reflections of 2012 – Persistence

In years past, I did a personal reflection of the year using a template from a few online friends. But this year, I want to focus on one specific theme from 2012 and also fill you in on my goal progress (from my mid-year check-in).

2012 Was All About Persistence

I am not a fan of “choosing your one word of the year.” That’s too much commitment for me, not to mention that I hardly follow a straight-line path anywhere. But when thinking about 2012, the only thing that kept popping into my head was the word persistence. So I guess I’m adopting the one-word as my theme for 2012, looking back.

When the year started, I was fresh from completing a life-changing course, Make Sh*t Happen. But I still didn’t have any idea of where I was truly going next. Instead, I found “my leader” through that process and gained a community of supporters. I just wasn’t sure what I needed their support for… yet. And then an amazing thing happened. I was excited to start building, start working, start creating.

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Fast & Easy Ways to “Checkout” & Still Have a Job

It’s the final countdown… So tomorrow is the last day in the office of the year for many of you. For the rest of us worker bees, we may be “in the office” or “working,” but let’s not kid ourselves – we’re checked out and ready to enjoy the holidays and a nice break (or two). I’m with ya, seriously. But before you check out officially, you want to make sure you have a job to come back to!

Fast and Easy Ways to “Checkout” for the Year… And then enjoy your vacation

1. Stop telling the world you have vacated the building. Yes, we know you have – um, the constant staring into space or that goofy grin are two glaring signs. But stop advertising it! Don’t go around bragging to the world all of the fun plans you have for your vacation or how excited you are to get through today so you can be with your family chilling at home. Those who don’t have those awesome plans, or better – those who will be covering you when you’re vacationing, may get bitter. J Keep the details to yourself for now, and share the memories, if you must, upon your return.

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Find Your People & Make Sh*t Happen

If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you know that I am an avid fan and inaugural alumni of an ecourse called Make Sh*t Happen. I completed the ten week course more than a year ago, and I can honestly tell you it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

I’ve shared it before so I won’t bore you with all of the details, but at the time, I was… searching. I knew I was unhappy with the direction my life and career was taking, but I literally could not move past my “stuck” phase. I attended more free tele-seminars than I ever imagined possible; I read books telling me to “take action now” and “follow your passion”… I even succumbed to some more woo-woo tactics, which we will just forget ever happened.

And then I found Make Sh*t Happen. Well, actually, it found me. I am skeptical to begin with (no, not you Melissa?), so I wasn’t keen on investing money in myself for yet another “thing” that could help me figure it out. But I kept coming back to it. And it was a niggling thought in the back of my mind. And when I saw that there were only a handful of slots remaining, I knew that I’d regret it if I didn’t try just one more thing.

Around the web you will find my former classmates talking about how MSH changed their lives. How they were able to do something, change something, accomplish something, that they weren’t able to do before. And that’s all true. And I could add a long, long list of things to that list. But to me, MSH was even more than the tangible outcomes – launching my own business, writing two books, earning income on my own terms, blogging, and so on.

Make Sh*t Happen gave me a safe haven of sorts.

It gave me a built-in cocoon of people who allowed me to dream big, but also held my feet accountable to the ground. When I told them about my “online business” idea, they didn’t laugh or scoff or tell me to be realistic. They got it. They had their own BIG dreams, and I knew they could achieve them too.

I remember thinking back to one of the first exercises in the course – it was about your support network. And I literally cried when I read what was asked of me. Who supports you on this journey? Who is your cheerleader? How are your friends and family reacting? I didn’t want to say bad things about the people I loved, so I sat there and stared at it instead of writing down in bold letters, “THEY DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT MY DREAM IS, much less support it.”

Instead of turning away from the group or giving them a BS answer, I said those words out loud. No one laughed or rolled their virtual eyes… they rang in with “yeah, me too’s” and “add me to your support network now.” You can make an awesome list of the tangible outcomes I got from taking MSH, but what is more important to me, are the friendships I gained.

I still speak with three people from the course, twice a month – a year later. I have Skype dates and Hangout chats with several people on an ongoing basis, not to mention all of the Facebook messages, updates, and so on. We are a family of sorts – my “get ‘er done” family.

So what?

Because the one thing I wish someone told me when I was stuck in indecision last year, was take a chance. Find your people, then your thing will come. Stop thinking that someone is going to come around and tell you what the right path, or option, or business is. Take a chance on YOURSELF. Invest just a little bit of time, effort and energy, and yes – money, IN YOURSELF. Be a tiny bit selfish and spend one hour a week reading and interacting with other people who are in the same boat – YES, THEY ARE OUT THERE.

So if you’re one of those people, like I was, wondering what comes next and thinking that creating another resolution about it or “planning on doing something next year” is going to get you closer to doing it, just check out the course. Jenny is not only the leader of the pack and super inspiring in her own right, but I’m lucky enough to call her my friend now (sorry, I think I just name-dropped).

Before you buy one more gift, or start analyzing what went wrong this year to those big goals you had in January 2012, just check out the site. Think about if you’re ready to actually achieve things, but also, if you’re ready to find your people. 

6 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counter Offer

Thinking about leaving your current job? Then you need to be prepared to handle potential counter offers. The conventional wisdom out there answers this with a “never, ever accept a counter offer,” and conversely to management, “never offer one – you will just be prolonging their leaving.” So just let the employee leave, and then try to back-fill them as soon as possible. Sounds a bit… one-size-fits-all. Here’s the thing, counter offers can work. Having been on both sides of this equation several times, there is more to the counter offer equation than a firm “no.”

Before we discuss what you need to consider when a counter offer is delivered, you need to know how to set yourself up to receive one.

  • Be prepared to walk away, don’t bluff about this.
  • Do not tell anyone except your boss, of your plans to leave the company.
  • When presenting your notice, have a conversation with your boss (don’t just leave a note). In that conversation, discuss the things that have helped make that decision for you, and leave it open for discussion. Be positive about your experience with him/her, the company, projects, etc. – the things that have helped you shine, to make it easier for them to find a viable solution.
  • If you have not received a counter within one week of your notice, you will not be getting one. PERIOD. Do not count on it, do not ask for it. Simply make your way to the door on your last day and say peace out.
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From What Place Are You Taking Action?

I was on a call with my fellow Make Sh*t Happen alumni in June, when the fabulous Jenny Blake posed the question, “From what place are you taking action?” I can’t even begin to remember the various responses we had because I was completely spaced out and focused on trying to voice my own answer. Since then, it has become a sticky note in my office, helping me make decisions and “check myself” along the way.

When the question was originally asked, I remember thinking that I had never actually thought deeper about the motivation behind the decisions I had made along the way. At the time, I had just ventured out on my own and I was struggling to make ends meet. So my surface answer at the time probably revolved around paying the bills.

But this is a critical question to ask. From what place are you taking action?

  • When accepting a new job?
  • When beginning your job search?
  • When networking at an event?
  • When quitting your job?
  • When responding to an angry email?
  • When building a relationship of any kind?
  • When deciding on which products to create?

From What Place are you Taking Action?

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