Should You Ever Be Friends With Your Boss?

The answer to this question seems straight-forward from a human resources perspective; it’s almost laughable to ask. But alas, outside of HR, this is a question that is often overlooked.

The best answer is no — you should not be friends with your boss in almost all situations. Even your weird situation you’re about to start explaining.

Before your outrage gets out of hand, let me be clear: being friends with your boss is quite different than being friendly with your boss. Your friends are people you can be uniquely you around. They like you just as you are and hopefully don’t judge you for that. Your friends don’t have enormous power and influence over your career trajectory, compensation or general work/life happiness.

Still not convinced being friends with your boss is a bad idea? Consider these four potential consequences:

1. Compensation Questions are Awkward

Asking for more money is difficult regardless of the situation. But when you’re friends with the person who controls the money, the awkward meter skyrockets for both of you.

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From Overly Ambitious to Moving Up

Impatience is a virtue… said the overly ambitious employee with their eyes set on their next move. Ambition is a great characteristic to have, especially early on in your career. It will help you stay on track, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and keep you far away from the dreaded work complacency bug.

But while you are busy being ambitious, you tend to miss important lessons and skillsets around you. Ambition changes your focus forward – to what’s next, blurring out what is.

I know the narrowing of focus first-hand. I spent the first seven (that’s generous) years of my career so overly ambitious that I missed critical opportunities that would have propelled my career forward even faster.

I ignored the small things, the lessons, the connections, and the work.

My ambition scared people. My bosses felt threatened; their bosses didn’t know what to do with me; my peers didn’t want to be on the same team as me because I was too intense; and so on.

Only as I look back can I see how the approach I took wasn’t the best one, it wasn’t the most efficient one to move up. Learn from my seven-year ambition cloud.

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What to Do When HR Is Dragging Their Feet

Your phone interview went well, your on-site interview went better than you expected — and now you’re sitting by the phone waiting for HR to call you back to discuss next steps. It’s a common occurrence — HR is dragging their feet once again. At least it feels that way.

Before we talk about ways to move the process forward, it’s important to understand why HR may not be getting back to you as quickly as you’d hoped. Remember, they’re usually the coordinators of the process, not the leaders. Imagine trying to wrangle four or five people (at least) in the office on the same day with the same time block open. It’s kind of like herding cats — sometimes it works by sheer luck, but most of the time, it’s a time-consuming mess.

In addition to calendar coordination, HR is dealing with more than just your open position — sometimes upwards of 50 open positions at one time. It’s a lot of resumes, emails, phone calls and paperwork to keep straight.

Why is this important? Most likely, you’re not the reason HR is taking their sweet time in responding. In other words, you’re not the problem.

Still, when HR is dragging their feet with phrases like, “We’re still in the interview process,” “I’m having a difficult time getting everyone scheduled” or simply not getting back to you, here are three actions you can take to get some answers:


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I Just Don’t Know How to Get Promoted

This is the fifth and last post  in a series  where I show you the ins and outs of getting promoted. Missed the first four– you can learn Where Do I Start to Get PromotedWhat Can I Do to Get PromotedI Haven’t Been Promoted Yet Because…, and Someone is Sabotaging My Promotion.

Why? Because my new course, GET PROMOTED is open and I want you to see how much juicy information will be packed into this four-week adventure. I hope you’ll join us!

You can see all of the course details here:

I Just Don’t Know How

Maybe you’ve been burned. Or everything that you have tried in the past, just hasn’t worked. It’s time to come clean, you probably just don’t know how to get promoted.

And that’s ok – it’s your starting point.

But getting promoted doesn’t just happen. That’s important to keep repeating. The advice you’re getting from your parents – be dedicated, show your commitment, then they will recognize you, isn’t a plan of action.

I’m not going to lie, getting on the promotion track isn’t going to be easy. It’s not going to be “business as usual” at work. In fact, you’re going to have to step up your game. Likely at the expense of something else.

If you are still sure that your reasons behind wanting to Get Promoted are pure and true, then let’s start when how to do it.

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Someone is Sabotaging My Promotion

This is the fourth  in a series of posts where I will show you the ins and outs of getting promoted. Missed the first three – you can learn Where Do I Start to Get PromotedWhat Can I Do to Get Promoted and I Haven’t Been Promoted Yet Because….

Why? Because my new course, GET PROMOTED is open and I want you to see how much juicy information will be packed into this four-week adventure. I hope you’ll join us!

Someone is Sabotaging My Promotion

Maybe you know what you need to do to get promoted, or you think you know how. But there’s a huge road block standing in your way, sabotaging your success. Whether real or perceived sabotage, the end result is the same – you feel trapped with no support, and no way up the ladder.

My Boss Hates Me

Having a rocky relationship with your boss is the most common form of “sabotage” I see with my clients. When your boss isn’t a raving fan or ally of yours, it can make getting promoted more difficult. And let’s be clear – you will need to work on the relationship with your boss if you want to increase your odds.

But your boss hating you, isn’t a full stop to promotion. Here’s a few ways to overcome this kind of sabotage.

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