3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Party

It’s officially holiday party season – woot woot! I know we’re knee-deep in reflection and being thankful, but party time is right around the corner.

Holiday parties used to be a big deal. And the bigger the company’s revenue, the bigger the event was. After the crash in 2008, many companies have scaled back their party budget and perks, but still have some sort of year-end celebration. While the ostentatious-ness of the occasion may have been subdued, there is still a right way to party.

I’m not going to point out all of the things you shouldn’t be doing while celebrating, you can read all about how to shake your tail feather and what gift to get your boss here. Instead, I’m going to share three ways to make the most of your holiday party, and how partying can propel your career to the next level.

3 Ways to Leverage Your Holiday Party

Many of us attend several holiday parties – this advice can be applied whether you are going to your office party or a friend’s party. Essentially, these parties are a great informal way to network and learn important things about your performance and career trajectory.

1. Meet People You Want to Know

It’s so easy to stick to the people we know when we arrive at a party – we want to drink, be merry, have fun! But by doing so, you are foregoing the easiest “networking event” out there.

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Setting Yourself Up for Year-End Success

Somehow we’re already in the fourth quarter busy planning our holiday vacations and realizing exactly how much we need to start doing to achieve our annual goals, which of course has us questioning “where did this year go?” The last two months of the year are probably the most important months for your career – it’s you last opportunity to make an impact, achieve milestones that seem light-years away, and continue to tell the story of who you are as an employee.

Unfortunately, it is also the time of year that we are soooo close to wanting to check out – vacation, take a break, slow things down a bit as much as possible. While there is definitely some room for that, you also need to set yourself up for year-end success.

Writing Your Own Story of Success

1. Start Gathering Your Successes

Even though you know at the beginning of each year that you should be accumulating your successes as they happen, work can be too busy to keep that practice up. Now is the time to start compiling and gathering – so you can start crafting your performance story.

Look back at the projects you’ve worked on, the milestones you’ve achieved, the feedback you’ve earned – and make a list. This will be the backbone of your story – think of it as an outline of sorts for your self-assessment or year-end review.

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How to Get Along with Annoying Coworkers

We will forever be working with at least a few annoying coworkers. And depending on your personality or work style, you may “see” annoying attributes in more people than not.

The goal here is to stop spiraling down the annoyance drain when you have to interact with these people — especially if that annoying coworker is your boss.

From someone who finds little things more annoying than not, here are five ways to get along with super-annoying coworkers — making your work life a whole lot easier.

1. Make a Game Out of It

You can probably point out the various levels of annoying for each of your coworkers— so why not turn that knowledge into a competitive game for yourself? This is an easy way to redirect the angst around your frustration and get some entertainment value out of the situation.

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Rumor Mill at Work

It sometimes seems like it will never stop – in high school there were whispers and notes passed and maybe outright words said to you. In college it may have felt less… life threatening, but then you go to work. And you just can’t shake the feeling that people are talking about you.

That they are spreading rumors about you.

That you are the talk of the town.

It’s not a good feeling – in fact, it brings up all of the insecurities from our younger days. Why are they talking about me? Why don’t they like me? What did I do? Am I not good enough?

Doubt has officially crept in and getting quality work done seems almost impossible.

I usually get an inquiry email for coaching asking me if I can “help them deal with rumors being spread about them at work.”

Of course rumors to me means something aghast – so I think the worse. Did something inappropriate happen at the holiday party? Was there a scandal?

How bad is it really?

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Stop Ruining Your Credibility at Work

As a solopreneur, I have been constantly told that one of the most important pillars of success is building credibility within your market or niche. Experts say that if you can show you are credible, then people will want to “buy-in” to what you are saying and selling.

But credibility plays an important role in a corporate environment as well – and it’s a component of success that is often overlooked as we climb the ladder.

Your credibility “record” at work starts with your first job application and follows you throughout your career. I remember earlier in my career, being worried that my failures would follow me like a report card to my next job… like your high school grades can haunt you through college. I thought there was an employee record that went with you. It makes me laugh now. And while a folder doesn’t follow you per say, your credibility does.

7 Ways You are Ruining Your Credibility

1. Not being responsive.

With as many emails as we get these days, it’s necessary to prioritize and respond accordingly. There are some emails that simply don’t need a response (think: thank you! emails), but pretty much everything else, particularly from your boss, needs some sort of acknowledgement.

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