Career Discovery Accelerator: Launch Your Career to the Next Level

CompassThe Career Discovery Accelerator is for people who want to understand why their current career isn’t making them happy and get a roadmap to fix it.

I am going to help you create a plan to find happiness at work and know exactly what to do now. I will walk you through what to do next to make work, work for you; whether you want to stay in your current job, or find your next job.


  • If you are endlessly seeking the “perfect career,” you will know exactly what to look for and what to ask when going through the hiring process.
  • If you are certain you just haven’t yet found your “dream job,” you will unravel why certain jobs work best for your unique skills and how to pursue them.
  • If you are trying to “find your passion,” you will learn what makes you tick and how to honor it in any role.


If you aren’t sure why every job leaves you feeling disappointed, or why you just can’t seem to find a role that doesn’t suck, or how to make the right decisions when making a career change, or feel frozen in your current career because you just aren’t sure what your next steps should be, the Career Discovery Accelerator will help you.


After you go through this program, you will know exactly what to do next – and you will have the tools and information to implement your roadmap.


Take a Look at What’s Inside the Career Discovery Accelerator

The Career Discovery Accelerator is a one-on-one coaching program with me that includes:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment and true type discovery: After completing the assessment, we will walk through a deep-dive to find your true type – this is a tool to help you understand more about your personality, ideal work environments, and areas for us to work on.
  • Balance scale evaluation: Learn what motivates you at work today, and how to continuously honor these motivations throughout your career.
  • Personalized guide about you and your motivation factors: You will receive a customized guide that uncovers what makes you tick – how to choose companies/roles that match your best work self, how to manage stress and uncertainty, communication techniques for anyone, and insight into previous frustrations at work.
  • Individual coaching calls: We will chat live twice – ensuring that this program fits you and where you are with your career.
  • An action plan: You will know exactly how to move forward to get your desired results.


Everything you learn will be applicable to the job you are currently in, regardless of your level or role. This information is not only about where you are today, but is repeatable at every point in your career going forward. You will learn real and actionable steps to improve your career contentment while still earning an income.


(Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell to you quit your day job to start your own business; or to take a huge pay cut to follow your dreams.)


I’ve worked with over 200 career clients using the Career Discovery Accelerator and coaching – as well as hundreds of executives and employees I worked with as a leader in Human Resources.

Here are Just Some of the Results People Like You Have Achieved with the Career Discovery Accelerator

In that time, here are some of the specific outcomes they have achieved:

  • Alan was coached through a career change/transition into his dream job with a salary increase, saving him thousands of dollars in school costs he thought were necessary to transition.
  • Sarah was equipped to figure out why she was always so unhappy at work, and how her new path is honoring her values – several years later, she’s still content with her job.
  • Tom learned how to increase his visibility, presence and communication style to be seen as not only a subject matter expert, but also as an influencer and people leader.
  • Ann was helped in turning her performance improvement plan (PIP) into a promotion within six months – she is now considered a high performing employee.
  • Dozens of clients like you were coached through stepping into their true careers – and ending the constant job-suck cycle.


With the Career Discovery Accelerator, we get to the root of the issue together. We discover the why behind landing in continuously awful jobs; the how to manage awful coworkers; the what behind what you are working for (and how to honor it daily); and the ultimate solution: making your current job work for you, or how to never step into soul-sucking job again.

When you sign up for the Career Discovery Accelerator, you will learn:

  • The best career fit and activities for your personality type
  • Why certain aspects of any job you step into feel soul-sucking, and how to manage those obstacle
  • Alternative communication strategies to interact with any boss or coworker to make sure you can be effective in your role
  • How to determine if a job opportunity is the right one for you, at any point in your life

Ready to join the hundreds of people taking their career to the next level? Here’s how to get started.


Step 1: Register for the Career Discovery Accelerator

Complete your check-out through this link, payable through Paypal.


Step 2: Complete the MBTI Assessment Online

Once your purchase has been confirmed, I will send you a link to complete the MBTI® online assessment – be sure to set aside 45-60 minutes to give yourself enough time to complete it.


Step 3: Set Up Your First Appointment

As soon as I receive confirmation that the assessment has been completed, you will receive an email with my calendar link so you can pick the best date/time available for you to set-up our first coaching call which will be 90 minutes in length (via phone or Skype audio).


Step 4: Your Coaching Begins!

Your first call will be intense and filled will life-changing insights and acknowledgements. It will help you better understand why your previous jobs have sucked, why you just can’t stand certain bosses, and why you haven’t been able to “officially” find your dream job or passion.


During the first hour or so, I will walk you through interpreting your MBTI results to find your best type. Once your type is confirmed, we will then discuss specific drivers, career options and barriers that help you understand what makes you tick. You will learn what you are innately driven to do, the best environments for you to work in, the types of cultures you thrive in, and how to incorporate your skills into various roles.


The second part of our call will focus on your Balance Scale – understanding your real motivating factors at work and how to implement your scale at work.


Following our first call, you will receive a personalized report recapping everything we discussed along with more insight around your type, communication style and preferences, and how to manage stress and obstacles. In other words, a guide all about what makes you tick – and how to implement YOU at work.


Step 5: Create Your Action Plan On Your Second Call

After you have had some time to review your personalized report, we will have our second call (30 minutes in length via phone or Skype audio), to create your action plan – are you staying in your job and if so, how you will make it less soul-sucking; or are you better suited for a different type of job, and if so, how to conduct your job search.


You will finally have all of the information and tools to accelerate your career to the next level – and be able to replicate when you approach your next fork in the road.

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See What Other People Are Saying About Working with Me

Paul C.

Paul C.

Financial Industry

I never thought of hiring a coach before, but I was completely stuck and felt as though I was out of options. Melissa helped me find my own path to success and changed my perspective in every aspect of my life. She firmly kicked my butt out of analysis paralysis into action – I would have never been able to accomplish what I have in a short amount of time, without her coaching and guidance. If you are miserable at work or simply unsure of what to do next, she is the perfect person to help you find your way again and open your eyes to options you have never dreamed of before.



I had nothing short of an excellent experience working with Melissa. She helped realize my values in a way that seemed effortless for me, yet it was so accurate! Melissa helped me work through a big decision at a difficult and very busy time. I admire her ability to react to whatever topic I wanted to discuss during each session and quickly bring our conversation to a level of deep understanding and productivity. I had never worked with a coach before, but I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa to anyone!

R. Diaz

R. Diaz

Customer Service

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support. I also wanted to let you know that you have a new fan. I was talking to my 14yr old daughter about our call and told her the phrase we came up with when talking about focus areas. Her response was "Whoa!!! Who's your career coach?!? Oprah?! I love her! Do you think she can help me when I start applying to colleges?!"

Jenna C.

Jenna C.

Event Planner

Melissa is a great coach. She took the time to get to know me and listen to my story. She asked what I wanted to accomplish, and then led me through a series of exercises to learn more about myself and accomplish the goals that we had set out. She is an expert at resumes, cover letters, and how hiring managers think/act, because of her experience in HR. She is very personable, lively, and funny, and will coax you when she doesn't think you're showing enough enthusiasm. Overall, I would highly recommend Melissa and her services.

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


I’ve been struggling to get to the next level for a few years. At only one more level to go at my firm, the opportunities are slim and extremely competitive. Melissa helped me focus on specific actions and behaviors to get noticed and raise my profile, and for the first time I was invited to pitch my candidacy.




With my new promotion, Melissa’s services have paid for itself ten-fold! I only wish I started sooner.

Alan F.

Alan F.


I can’t believe I’ve been going about it wrong for all these years. As soon as I shifted direction and started implementing the guidance Melissa provided, I saw an immediate change from my manager. Things finally feel on track.