Get Promoted Mastermind – Launch


It’s your time, really – 2013 is YOUR year. To dream big, and accomplish even bigger. It’s time to stop standing on the sidelines, punching a clock, being… mediocre. It’s time to figure out why you haven’t gotten your “well-deserved” promotion yet, and actually GET PROMOTED.

Every single day someone asks me how they can make more money. How they can get more out of their job. How they can continue to propel their career forward.

Get Promoted Mastermind Launch

It’s time to stop asking questions and start achieving people! So I have created a comprehensive program, to uncover the reasons why you aren’t getting as much out of your job as you can, help you navigate the Human Resources web of roadblocks, and convince your boss that you are ready for the next step.

GET PROMOTED (mastermind) is a three month workshop for 5 ambitious people who are ready to take control of their work destiny, earn more money, and get promoted in 2013.

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How it Works:

You will have me by your side cheering you on, providing direct feedback, and guiding you on this adventure. You will also be part of a group of people just like you – ambitious, hard-working, and focused professionals working towards achieving their next promotion.

Individualized Coaching

You will have two one-on-one coaching calls with me each month during our three month journey where will focus on your progress, challenges, and everything else in-between, to get you promoted!

The Group

In addition to your one-on-one coaching calls, you will be participating in group calls twice per month. One call will be content-focused on a specific topic for the month, and one call will be a group discussion and accountability check-in. Sharing your experiences and celebrating successes. The group will have a private forum for you to support each other along the way, or to simply connect and expand your network.

The Goodies

  • Unlimited email coaching with me. In addition to your one-on-one coaching calls, you will have unlimited email access to me in case anything comes up in the interim. Need to ask a quick question for a last minute meeting with your boss? Have to write a performance review and need some specific guidance? You will have unlimited access to me via email for all three months during your journey.
  • Your performance reviews, unraveled. I will unravel the hidden messages in two previous performance reviews to help you uncover your “real” strengths, areas of opportunity, and needed areas of focus to get ahead. No fluff. Real insight into what has been holding you back so we can create an individualized plan to move you forward.
  • Workbook of exercises to keep you accountable (and repeat for your next promotion). Through the course you will have a workbook guiding your way to keep you on track, ensure success, and have a guide to help you get promoted again.
  • Script for asking for a promotion with your manager. We’re not talking about a general “say this, then that” script, but an individualized script for you to approach your own manager and get results. Your script will leverage various personality tools and HR insights, to be impactful and specific to your direct manager.

Want more deets?

NOW is your time. How would your life be different at the end of 2013 if you kicked your career into high gear, now?

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