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Launch Your Job is here to equip you with the tools, resources and knowledge to grow your career. All of our products provide you with practical advice that you can implement immediately – getting you results. No one cares about your career more than you – it’s time to hop into the driver’s seat.

Job Search Resources


Resume Critique

Your resume is your calling card… and yours  could be preventing you from being considered as a candidate.

Get a thorough critique of your resume by an experienced HR professional and hiring manager – to see exactly what you need to do, to get to the top of the resume pile.

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LinkedIn Profile Critique

Being active on LinkedIn is necessary in today’s job market. Your LinkedIn profile is an effective tool to create your personal brand, get noticed by hiring managers, and ensure potential companies that you are a strong candidate.

Get a detailed critique of your LinkedIn profile, line-by-line, with suggestions of how to take your profile from good to great.

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Cost: $150

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 Mock Interview

Have an important interview coming up and want to ensure you know exactly what to say to get through to the next round?

Or maybe it’s just been awhile since you’ve interviewed and you don’t want to come across rusty.

I will conduct a mock interview during a one-hour call, for a real position you are interested in. You will get immediate feedback, scripts to answer any question, and the secret formula for success.

Cost: $200

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Get Promoted: How to Get Noticed, Impress Your Boss, and Move Up

What if you could stop being passed over for the promotion you know you’re ready for?

You can – you just need to know how.

In Get Promoted, I’m going to help you understand why you haven’t been promoted yet, create a personalized plan to be seen as the high performer that you are, show you exactly how to get noticed by the decision makers, and prove to others that you are ready to take on the next level.

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How to Land A Job: Secrets of an HR Insider

In this no-nonsense book, I take you behind the scenes and share all of the secrets I have from being a HR leader, to help you land your next job. I spill the beans about all of the secrets hiring managers are afraid to tell you and teach you how to become the best candidate for any job.

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Stop Hating Your Job: How to Be Happy at Work without Quitting

Are You Miserable at Work? 
Thousands of people wake up each Monday morning dreading their work day ahead, feeling trapped in a job that makes them unhappy. Here is a proven and effective way to find happiness at work without quitting your job, giving up your dreams, or selling your soul.

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