Changing the Lens on Job Opportunities

The stories that we grew up hearing, the advice that we listened to whether willingly or not, and the modeling our families showed us – create the fiber of who we are, for better and worse. We start seeing the world through various lens and viewpoints, with some biases and “shoulds.” And for most of us, it gets confusing when we look at our own career.

I was taught to get a good, stable job; make heaps of money so you never have to worry about it; work hard – it gets recognized; climb the ladder; and pick one path and stay on it. You probably have your own story about what your career should be about, where today’s world of work or your own personal work style/preferences, don’t even enter the equation.

That’s why it is so difficult for us to make career changes. It’s why other people sometimes can’t understand our perspective.

But it’s time to shift the lens in which we make career decisions, ever so slightly. Breaking free a little piece of our own stories, will open up opportunities you’ve never knew were possible.

On a daily basis, I hear clients pondering turning down a job offer because they weren’t going to make “enough” money or because it didn’t have the next-level title. And instead, they go back to their job search miserable trying to find their very own purple unicorn.

What if this is the place where we shift our lenses? What if the way we look at opportunities, overt and hidden, change – taking us on a slightly different than originally planned course, but much more satisfying in the long run?

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Searching for the Formula for Success

Following your dreams is… hard. I used to believe that as long as your intentions were good and you were putting in as much effort as possible, the end result will come. I grew up around entrepreneurs – just about every adult I knew, had their own successful business; it just seemed so easy. I never saw what happened behind the curtain – the money worries; the hours working after everyone went to sleep; the tough decisions. Apparently I romanticized entrepreneurship – who knew that was possible?

The Formula to Turn Your Dream into a Success

I have approached every journey from the perspective of adding value to my life and in turn, to others. I want to share all of the knowledge and insider information I have, to help others achieve their own dreams. My intentions are good, and the effort is there, but reality is… disappointing and lagging behind a bit. I was searching for the formula:

Have skill A + read book B + network with C + put in effort D = DESIRED RESULT/SUCCESS

I was convinced that the world would rise up and greet me on my mission and reward me for completing the above formula when I set-out on my own. Last week when I was a bit down about the whole process, I was telling a dear friend of mine my formulaic approach, when it hit me: the formula I was following had led me to success… in CORPORATE AMERICA!!! Yeah, my jaw dropped at my obtuseness, too. When you work in that type of environment, you know exactly what you need to do to succeed (if you aren’t seeing the moving pieces, let’s chat – I’ll be happy to share them with you). But when you’re stepping onto your own path, the paths for success and failure are broadened.

There is not one singular formula for success on your journey to your dream job, especially if it’s venturing out on your own. Instead, as I’ve learned and continue to learn each and every day, it’s about being prepared by having the skills, understanding what’s worked for others through books, connecting (even when it’s uncomfortable) with the right people, put in more effort than you ever imagined possible, AND being agile enough to apply feedback and change directions, and eventually… stop looking for a formula. Your dream job is uniquely yours. Yes that person may have landed five clients by doing a speaking engagement; perhaps another person may have increased their website traffic by PPC advertising; and someone else switched careers seamlessly because they tweaked their resume appropriately… but what worked for them, will not work for you because life and work, are not one-size fits all.

Lose the formula mentality and BE YOU. Pioneer your own career path and earn success your own way.