Career Change Resume Concepts

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “I want to change career paths but I don’t know how to show that on a resume.” So taking into account the Resume Tailoring conversation, let’s walk through how to actually craft a Career Change Resume.

Your Career Change Resume

The most important thing to remember when going through a career change is that you are not starting from scratch (again). Regardless of what everyone around you is mumbling about! Your new mantra is:

You have gained skills in your previous roles, which are applicable and transferable to the position you are seeking.

1. Inventory your skills and make a road map to your new career.

Stick with me on this one, as it may sound a bit “old school.” But I promise, it works. In order to fully realize your skills that are transferable, you need to inventory the skills you have and connect them to the skills that are needed in your new career.

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Mac’s List – Review of How to Land a Job

Did Daylight’s Savings through you for a loop this morning too? I am lucky in that I *could* linger in a bed a bit longer, but I feel like I’ve been behind all day. So you can imagine how excited I was to see this awesome review on Mac’s List!

Mac’s List is an awesome job resource, started primarily to serve the Portland, Oregon region, and has expanded to include experts, advice and goodies across the U.S. I am a huge fan and have often referred to their information as reference. And if you’re in the Portland area, they have the best local job postings around! I am truly honored to have my book, How to Land a Job: Secrets of an HR Insider, reviewed this week over on Mac’s List. Have you bought your copy yet? 

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What Do I DO on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great resource for all working professionals – whether you are seeking a new job, looking to get promoted, or are simply expanding your network. But as soon as you complete your profile, the next question I always get is… “But what do I actually do on LinkedIn?”

Social media is not a science, regardless of how many people want you to pay them to teach you how to apply it as such. There are pieces of the puzzle that help you get the most of out social media, but it’s never a one-size-fits-all.

Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get A Job

If you are looking for a job, you want your profile to be very professional looking, accurate and up to date. I have reviewed several best practices, so ensure that those basics are taken care of. In addition, your profile needs to be keyword rich. In other words, use descriptor words that explain your experience and would attract potential job hunters. Some people get lazy and put a list of key skills in their summary, but I would advise adding your core strengths there and work in the rest of the keywords throughout the description of your experience. LinkedIn allows paid subscribers and recruiters to do a keyword search to find potential candidates – the strongest place it pulls from is your headline and current job title, then followed by the rest of your profile. So focus accordingly.

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